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Food & Health as Evolution Intended – Nora Gedgaudas

Yesterday I went to Nourishing Australia’s “Food & Health as Evolution Intended” seminar.  The seminar was held at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and featured five lectures by Nora Gedgaudas, and lectures by Bruce Ward on naturally grazing animals and Costa Georgiadis on the importance of where food comes from.

I’d heard Nora Gedgaudas speak at the Ancestral Health Symposium in August and really enjoyed her talk – it was just 45 minutes though, so the opportunity to hear her talk for a whole day, in my own city, was too good to miss.

meeting Nora Gedgaudas in Sydney

I was so pleased to see such a full lecture theatre yesterday.  The audience was a very varied mix of medical professionals, nutritionists, as well as people who had only recently heard about Paleo.  There were also a few familiar faces from the Sydney Paleo meet-up group.

Nora Gedgaudas Sydney

As much as I enjoyed the AHS in August, food wasn't included, and being on the UCLA campus good Paleo food wasn’t on hand.  At yesterdays seminar however, the event was catered and the food was fantastic.  Agape Organic Restaurant provided all of the beautiful food yesterday.  Whilst the food was organic and sourced locally, it wasn’t Paleo as it included a bit of dairy, quinoa, corn chips (!) and some sweetened dressings.  It was fairly easy to avoid these elements though and the good sized portion of beef and chicken at lunch was very satiating.

The seminar started with an overview of where we have come from and the food we evolved eating.   The other topics covered included fats and carbohydrates; grains, the link between nutrition & mental health & primal fitness.  The key messages I got from the conference concerned insulin and blood sugar.  Reducing the insulin requirements – by controlling blood sugar appears to be crucial in so many aspects of our health and longevity.  Gluten was also spoken about frequently – and I’m now going to be a lot more cautious to ensure I completely avoid it, especially when I’m eating out.

I really enjoy listening to Nora Gedgaudas, as she is a great speaker who has the ability to put across complex science and theories in a very accessible way.

If you’re in Australia and missed the Sydney seminar, they are going to be in Armidale on the 16th November and the Gold Coast on the 19th November; so it’s not too late to book!


Morning tea: Pumpkin, spinach and basil frittata, Ham, tomato and cheddar frittata. Salmon, pear, chilli, chive & quinoa tatare Corn chips Wagu & pork meatball & Cherry tomato relish

Nora Gedgaudas Sydney

Lunch: Grass fed wagu beef, Roast chicken


Lunch: Roasted Vegetable & Honey mustard dressing salad Broccoli, daikon, carrot, zucchini, adzuki & miso sesame dressing salad Beetroot, parsley, sultana & honey yoghurt dressing Spiced poached pear & cream

Food & Health as Evolution Intended Nora Gedgaudas conference event paleo primal australia tour-min

Nora Gedgaudas in Australia

I'm currently at the “Food & Health as Evolution Intended” Seminar in Sydney. Nora Gedgaudas is the main speaker and has just finished her first two lectures on “Diet and Evolution” and “Fats and Carbohydrates”. After first hearing Gedgaudas at the AHS, it's great to hear a lot more depth on these topics!

The lecture theatre is full of paleo curious Australians, the menu is provided by an organic paleo friendly restaurant – it's going to be a great day!

I'll post a full report about the day tomorrow!

Food & Health as Evolution Intended Nora Gedgaudas conference event paleo primal australia tour-min