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Ketones & The Paleo Diet

If the body is not able to burn glucose in the body, it goes on the search for another energy source to burn which happens to be fat. As fatty acids are burned, the body creates ketones which are compounds which can then lead to ketosis. If you are looking to lose weight quickly, you will want your body to go into ketosis, so that you are using your storage of fat and burning it at a much quicker rate than you usually would.

When you are eating a diet which is quite low in carbs, as the Paleo diet can be, ketosis will usually start in your body, which means you will be burning more fat than you would with a high carb diet.

As the Paleo diet involves eating the types of food our ancestors survived on, there is no harm in following a low carbohydrate as these foods were not freely available at that time and it didn't cause problems back then, so won’t cause them now. As with nutrients and vitamins on the Paleo diet, it is important to keep the levels of ketones in the diet at the right level. It is all about balance and being aware of exactly what we are consuming. You really need to keep track of the ketones in the body and this is even more significant for those who suffer from any serious illnesses, such as diabetes. As with any kind of diet, you should always monitor your levels so that you know you are getting it right and feeling the benefits on your body.

When you initially start a low carb diet such as the Paleo, you will feel some side effects as your body is basically getting used to a new way of using your energy source. You can feel a little dizzy or have symptoms such as a sore head, although these should only be temporary. The body is starting to burn fat rather than glucose, so it is bound to take a bit of getting used to. It is not harmful in any way as you are still getting a good intake of carbohydrates from your fruit and vegetables. Your body is basically going through a state of withdrawals and a withdrawal from anything will cause changes in the bodies.

Ketones & The Paleo Diet-min

It is believed that the Paleo diet can actually help to stave off Type 2 Diabetes as it is a much healthier way of living. It is a common misconception that by lowering your carbohydrate level, you are starving your body of what you need, but this is not the case at all. Your body has too little insulin when you don’t follow the correct diet and eat too much of the wrong foods. It can also be the result of stress or another illness which causes insulin levels to lower.

The Paleo diet helps to prevent diabetes developing. If ketone levels reach a dangerously high level, it can increase the likelihood of suffering from serious illnesses such as diabetes. The reason why we should avoid the carbohydrate laden, processed foods is that they are dangerous and unhealthy and the Paleo diet can help us to create the perfect balance.

It is believed that the Paleo diet and a ketogenic diet can also be beneficial for improving the likelihood of suffering from Alzheimer’s and other mental health conditions. As with any diet, you don’t just want to feel the benefits of your hard work, you also want to see them, which is why the Paleo concentrates on a reduced intake of carbohydrates. If you always wondered why a diet with fewer carbohydrates helps you to burn calories, now you know, it’s because of the ketones!

As long as you carefully monitor everything you are putting into your body, you will soon feel a lot healthier than ever before. It is all about eating the right foods with the Paleo diet and making sure the balance is as it should be, so that we are in taking the right amount of all the proper nutrients, vitamins and compounds which will create a much healthier immune system and a longer and healthier life.