11 weird unusual paleo ingredients you need to try

11 unusual paleo foods you need to try

If you've noticed you’re eating the same few foods day after day, maybe it’s time to shake things up?! Here are 11 unusual paleo friendly ingredients to change up your diet!

11 weird unusual paleo ingredients you need to try

Kelp noodles

Who needs spaghetti when you can have these instead?

Fish eyes

Packed full of nutrition

Porcini powder

Add some of this into stews for a really deep flavour

Lambs necks

Cheap and a great base for a stock

Mineral Mountain Salt

So you've tried pink Himalayan and Celtic sea salt, how about mountain salt to get some different minerals into your diet?

Banana flour

I know, I know, it’s high in fructose. But if you've got a special occasion coming up, this would make for an interesting paleo baking session!

Sweet potato flour

Another interesting ingredient to experiment with

Cricket bars

Yep, insects packed for your convenience

Aji Amarillo

Next time a recipe calls for chilli, try some Aji Amarillo instead for more of a sweet spicy flavour

Black garlic

And better still, try fermenting it

Dulse flakes

A really good way to get more iodine into your diet, but warning – they do have quite a strong flavour!

Which unusual foods have you tried lately? Have you tried any on my list – and if so – what did you think?! Let me know in the comments, below.

Paleo seaweed-min


I love looking around my local Asian supermarket.  I found a whole section of seaweed and seaweed related products (though the products seem to contain lots of ingredients that are far removed from Paleo).  Seaweed is something I've never had at home before – and certainly haven’t cooked with – and I'm curious to try.

Seaweed paleo-min
Seaweed is supposed to be a great source of iodine that is otherwise hard to obtain through diet, but which plays a crucial role in the thyroid.  It contains lots of different health promoting minerals.

I've been looking into what I can do with different types of Seaweed.  Apparently dulse granules can be sprinkled on many foods and nori can be used to make paleo wraps!  Kelp is supposed to be good as a snack on its own.

Next time I venture near the Asian grocery store, I'm definitely going to buy some!

Have you incorporated Seaweed into your diet?  What is a good type and dish to start experimenting with?  I’d be very interested to hear your seaweed comments, below!

Paleo seaweed-min