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Should You Worry About Fluoride In Your Drinking Water?

The chances are, where you live, the authorities will have added Fluoride to your tap water.

Fluoride was added to water because there were a lot of issues with tooth decay and cavities, so governments around the world decided to take action – however the route they chose is perhaps not the healthiest or safest way to obtain better dental health. Although it has shown to help prevent tooth decay, it is responsible for many other negative things.There are several dangers to having Fluoride in water, studies have shown several health risks such as; lowered IQ, bone cancer, kidney disease, thyroid function, and reproductive problems. Problems too big to ignore….

A big argument against adding Fluoride to the water supply, is that it is technically a medicine – and it cannot be controlled by the government how much is taken. By adding Fluoride to the water supply, it can be taken in large amounts. If people would like to take Fluoride, it should surely be done so voluntarily – in a way that can be controlled. Everybody needs to drink water and it does not seem just to force everybody to take in extra amounts of Fluoride?

Some local authorities do not add Fluoride to their water supply – so contact yours, to find out exactly what is coming out of your taps.

Paleo Diet Primal Fluoride Drinking Tap Water Health Filter Mineral-min

If Fluoride is in your water supply, how can you avoid it?

You can drink natural spring and mineral waters – and completely avoid your tap altogether. Another option is to filter your water supply to remove the Fluoride (and other undesirables). Unfortunately filters like Brita and Pur don’t remove Fluoride. Boiling or freezing water won’t make any difference either. You’ll need to use a reverse osmosis filter, Distillation Filtration, or a specific Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter.

Don’t forget conventional toothpaste contains high levels of Fluoride too – so think about swapping to a healthier alternative – or making your own!

If you’re concerned about Fluoride in your water, make your voice heard and contact your local authority.

I’d love to hear what you think about Fluoride in water?