your paleo wishlist $200 gift vouchers

If you had $2000 to spend on paleo things – what would you buy?

What would you buy if you were given $2000 to spend on your paleo lifestyle?

Purely hypothetical, but let’s say you were given $2000 to spend on Amazon. On yourself. You’ve got half an hour to choose, before the offer expires. All those gadgets and books you’d love, but could never justify.

Instead of buying the entry model food processor, you could get the top of the range model. Instead of buying one good knife, you could buy the whole set.

your paleo wishlist $200 gift vouchers

What’s on my list?

Cooking Equipment:

A Vitamix Blender

So I've got a big standard food processor, but wouldn't you just love your very own vitamix blender?


An Ice Cream Maker

I’d use this once in a blue moon, so I’d never be so extravagant as to buy one. But imagine the paleo ice cream you could make in one of these?

Global Knives

I've heard good things about these knives, so I’d make sure I invested in a good set. I'm sure they’d last a lot longer than the cheap knives I have in my kitchen!


Slow Cooker/ CrockPot

When I bought mine, I didn't give any thought to the size – and I've always been so disappointed with how small mine is. If I’m going to use it, why not make enough for the freezer, instead of just that night’s dinner?! So high on my list would be a much bigger model.


Pull Up Bars

I really want to be able to master pull ups. If I had a pull up bar attached to my ceiling, I like to think I’d practice every time I walked by!

Pull up bar paleo wishlist


Likewise I’d love my own set of kettlebells


Grounding Mat

Now this might sound a little odd, but I’d also buy a grounding mat/ earthing sheet to make sure I always had a connection to the earth, even inside my house. Got to be a good thing for days when you’re stuck indoors

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This might seem a little odd too, but I'm trying hared to reduce my exposure to blue light after sunset. This should really help to regulate circadian rhythm and improve sleep. As much as I try, it’s so hard to minimise all blue light – especially living in a built up area. Special orange lenses glasses like this could make a big difference.

Blue light blocking glasses


There are so many paleo related books on the market at the moment (compared to only two or three a few years ago!), so I’d definitely order a few I've not yet read.

You can see the rest of my wishlist here

I’d love to see what you’d buy if you were given a $2000 Amazon voucher. So tell me in the comments – what would you buy?!

40 essential paleo kitchen gadgets tools wishlist

40 essential paleo kitchen gadgets

Call yourself paleo? Not unless you use these essential gadgets you’re not…

1. A strawberry hull remover

You haven’t been doing this by hand have you?

40 essential paleo kitchen gadgets tools pointless useless funny

2. The egg cuber

Essential for packed lunches and picnics to ensure your eggs don't roll away.

3. Dedicated fruit and veg choppers…

I hope you aren't using a knife? Oh no, you need a dedicated chopping tool for each variety of fruit and vegetable you use. Introducing the banana and strawberry chopper

Banana-strawberry-chopper-paleo-gadgets 40 essential

4. A chop stir

You've not been wasting your time chopping and stirring separately have you?

5. The robo stir

Use a spoon you say?

6. The capsicum/ bell pepper preparer

Capsicum bell pepper deseeder paleo

Those seeds in the middle, you aren't meant to eat them you know… this gadget removes the seeds. But you do still need a knife to chop the pepper up. So that’s erm, worthwhile.

7. Herb scissors

How else are you supposed to cut herbs?

8. The flavour injector

Because a marinade is just too marinade-y

9. The lettuce karate chopper

lettuce karate chopper paleo gadget

Clearly a knife or bare hands is too damaging for lettuce. You need to use a dedicated plastic karate chopper instead.

10. A pineapple slicer

Another fruit you've been cutting up all wrong. You need a pineapple slicer.

11. Avocado slicer

Don't even think of using a knife when this is available

12. The banana saver

For all those times a whole banana is just too much

banana saver paleo gadget

13. The apple peeler/ corer

How else are you going to peel it?

14. The cherry pitter

You mustn't eat the stones you know

15. A mayonnaise knife

How have you been getting your paleo mayo out of the jar?

16. The omelette maker

Because using a pan is just too complex

17. Better bagger

To make sure your bags stay open and upright when you’re filling them. Just what every kitchen needs.

Better-bagger-paleo-gadget-40 essential 500

18. Finger spoons

Well cavemen didn't have proper cutlery did they?

19. Microwave bacon tool

Because microwaved bacon just doesn't compare to oven cooked bacon

20. The garlic peeler

There is no other way

21. Egg slicer

For when you don't want to eat a whole egg

22. Kiwi scoop

Looks remarkably similar to that other device. What’s is called… oh yes – a spoon.

23. The butter warmer

Cold butter, urgh.

24. Pickle picker

How else are you going to get pickles out?

25. Asparagus peeler

Asparagus. Peel it.

26. Nutmeg slicer

What do you mean, you haven't been slicing your nutmegs in a dedicated slicer?

27. Garlic roaster


28. Melon deseeder

You've got to get those seeds out properly.

29. Left handed wooden spatula

Essential for the left hander in your household.

left handed wooden spatula paleo gadget

30. Olive spoon

Well, if you're going to eat olives, you're going to need to get hold of them.

31. Self stirring mug

For your bullet proof coffee fix.

32. Towel-matic

Because it would be unhygenic to use your HANDS to tear off some paper towel.

33. Mango splitter

Surely everyone has one of these?

34. The mushroom brush

You've got to get the mud off somehow.

35. Grapefruit segmenter

It's of vital importance to make sure your grapefruit is in equal sized segments.

36. Egg cracker

You know some of those recipes that ask for an egg? Well that means minus the shell, hence the need for this nifty gadget.

37. Tomato slicing tongs

Like a bit of tomato in your salad, but don't want tomato hands?

38. Tomato slicer

Probably a good idea to have a back up tomato slicing option too.

39. Onion goggles

There's no excuse for tears when cutting onions.

Onion goggles paleo essential gadget no tears

40. Egg scrambler

Every wondered how to make scrambled eggs? Wonder no more!

Do you have any of these super handy gadgets in your paleo kitchen? I'd love to hear which other tools you have hiding in your kitchen cupboards!

12 Gifts For The Health Conscious Foodie paleo diet christmas present ideas kitchen cooking gadgets wish list-min

12 Gifts For The Health Conscious Foodie

Whilst you can follow a healthy Paleo Diet with little more than a chopping board and a few pans, there are some great kitchen gadget and tools that surely any foodie would love in their kitchen.

Here’s my list. What’s on yours?

1. Dehydrator

I've had good results making jerky and kale chips in my oven, but I would love to try a dehydrator

2. Vitamix Blender

The Rolls Royce of blenders, able to grind nuts into nut butters and even cook soup. I want one!

paleo diet network christmas gift present wish list-min

3. A Good Set Of Knives

I really miss a good knife set, but have yet to find a good brand available in Australia (without needing a small mortgage). Any recommendations gratefully received!

4. Pressure Cooker

I've seen so many recipes that use a pressure cooker to make exceptionally tender meat – and I’d love to try it out for myself.

5. An Old School Mincer/ Meat Grinder

Even though I have a good butcher, I’d love to be able to make my own minced/ ground meat

6. A Big Slow Cooker/ Crockpot

I didn't realise how much I’d love this method of cooking, when I bought my small slow cooker. I wish I’d bough a much bigger one, as whenever I cook I always like to make enough for lots of future meals at the same time.

7. A Heavy Hardwood Chopping Board

A good chopping board last for years and is so much more hygienic than those nasty plastic chopping boards.

8. Mandoline Slicer

A great way to cut up vegetables evenly

9. Meat Thermometer

The best way to cook a perfect roast is using science after all!

10. Sausage Stuffer

Once I have my meat grinder, I’d love to make my own Paleo Sausages.

11. Water Filter

I have a Brita water filter jug in the fridge – but what I’d really like is a water filter on my tap, to ensure all the water is filtered before it leaves the tap.

12. Salad Spinner

This would be great for summer and making sure the kale is dried properly before making kale chips.

Do you have any of these items? How do you find using them?

What would be on your Paleo diet kitchen wish list?

12 Gifts For The Health Conscious Foodie paleo diet christmas present ideas kitchen cooking gadgets wish list-min