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Paleo Pet Food

I'm looking after some dogs at the moment, in the owners home. I'd assumed animal nutrition – Pet Food – would be difficult to get wrong – but I couldn't have been more incorrect with that assumption.

Surely dogs are supposed to eat raw meat? That would make a lot of sense, as in the wild what else would they eat?

The tins of dog food we've been left contain the following ingredients:
Meat including chicken, beef, lamb and pork; vegetables; vegetable protein; pasta; vegetable oil; cereal; gelling agents; gluten; vitamins & minerals; vegetable fibre; flavours; colouring agents.
Looking at some other brands of Pet Food, these certainly aren't the worst either.

We've also been instructed to boil up pasta and add it to the food to keep the weight of the dogs down. This is, apparently, on instruction of the vet. I can't think of a single good reason to give animals pasta.

Sadly as these aren't my dogs I can't change their menu, but it has made me wonder how different the dogs would be on a different diet – and what the ingredients in their food is doing to them?

Have you got dogs, cats or other pets? What Pet Food do you feed them? I'd love to hear what happened if you changed their diets to a more natural way of eating.

Paleo diet friendly pet food animals dogs cat grain free-min