CoQ10 & The Paleo Diet-min

CoQ10 & The Paleo Diet

Yet another possible deficiency is Co Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10), even on a strict Paleo diet.

What is CoQ10?

It actually assists with mitochondrial electron transfer and stress reactions that happen biochemically within the body. You cannot have too much Co Enzyme Q10, as it is great for providing better nutrient density to the mitochondria to help us make and burn more energy. It also helps increase our exercise ability and stamina.

Exercising helps increase the oxidation that occurs from our stress hormones with most exercise hermetic when things are in balance and running smoothly. If we are suffering from a co Enzyme Q10 deficiency caused by statins, Neolithic diseases or from just generally being unfit and out of shape there is a need to increase the dietary intake of Co Enzyme Q10 to optimise health.

CoQ10 comes in two forms, Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol, with one being an oxidised form and the other a reduced form – you can tell which is which by the price! Ubiquinol is three times more expensive because it is much harder to make the reduced optimal form. Ubiquinol contains two hydroxyl groups rather than just one; this allows it to bond much better with water molecules making it more readily absorbable by the mitochondria in our cells to help with energy production.

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Ubiquinol is also the biologically superior form of Co Enzyme Q10 because it is an electron donor; this makes it a very effective neutraliser of free radicals. It is the only form of Co Enzyme Q10 that looks for lipid peroxyl radicals that can cause damage to the polyunsaturated fatty acids present in your cell membranes.  When you are eating a Paleo diet this is a wonderful benefit as depletion of cellular Co Enzyme Q10 can’t support basic cellular functions. A Paleo diet together with a higher activity level requires optimal cellular and mitochondrial functions.

At the 5th Annual International CoQ10 symposium that was held in Kobe, Japan findings were released that showed the superiority of ubiquinal when given to a group of seriously ill patients with advanced stage cardiac disorders. If this can help those who are close to death with severe heart failure it is a critical component for any person looking to change their life by adopting a new healthy living plan or diet.

The study revealed that those clinically ill patients who had already suffered from heart failure easily absorbed ubiquinol CoE10 into their blood stream showing excellent improvements in all heath parameters. Another key factor that was announced was those with Hasimoto’s or other autoimmune diseases really need to only use the ubiquinol as they are unable to covert ubiquinone into ubiquinol due to their low B12 and B6 levels. They also need higher doses of ubiquinol more often.

Do you supplement with CoQ10? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

CoQ10 & The Paleo Diet-min