Introducing… Paleo Networking

We have a great local Paleo meet-up group here in Sydney, but I know there are many, many areas in Australia and around the world without such groups.

The meet-up groups are a great way to meet a lot of other people together who are interested in a similar Paleo lifestyle.  I love the meet-ups and am so glad I found out about them – I get to talk about Paleo all night and learn so much from the other attendees.

I’ve long felt there was a gap between the thriving online Paleo communities and the few Paleo meet-up groups that are currently in existence.  As great as online communities are, I think there is often no substitute for meeting people in real life.  I’ve spent the last few months working hard on Paleo Network, which is a site that I hope will close this gap and enable you to find and meet with people who have the same Paleo/ Primal interests as you do – and happen to live in your neighbourhood!

Perhaps you want to meet up with someone to do some Primal exercise at lunchtimes?  Maybe you don’t know of any other Paleo families, but would love to meet some.  Travelling for business and interested in going out for a Paleo meal with a local?  Or you might be trying to lose weight and like the support of someone doing the same – through Paleo rather than the latest fad diet.  I’m keen to use the site to try out local restaurants that have Paleo options – whilst meeting new friends!  Of course, if you’re a member of the single Paleo community, you may be keen to go on a date with someone like minded, instead of the unhealthy potentials who plague online dating sites!  I hope Paleo Network will address all of these needs and more.

This is very much an international site, with members from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe and Asia – and many new people joining every day.  The site is, and will remain completely free to sign up to and use.

So what are you waiting for?  Have a look at Paleo Network, sign up and spread the word!

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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