Interested in buying paleo clothing? How about adults, children's and baby clothes with unique Paleo slogans?

Express your interest in the comments below – and watch this space!

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To help me come up with some great Paleo Clothing, I'd love you to send me your ideas! Which Paleo slogans would you love to wear on your t-shirts? Do you want to shock, amuse, or just provoke a response from people? Which types of Paleo clothing and accessories would you buy? T-shirts? Hats, socks, gym pants, shorts, towels, hoddies, jackets or even umbrellas?

Tell me what you're looking for – and if there's enough demand, I'll add it to my range of Paleo Clothing!

The range of paleo clothing is going to be designed and produced right here in Australia, so delivery will be very reasonable – far cheaper than ordering and having delivered from the United States. Delivery will also be cheap to New Zealand – and I’ll do my best to ensure delivery to the rest of the World is a reasonable as possible.

I have got a designer working on some great Paleo slogans and designs right now – but I’d love to have your input!

What better way to promote a Paleo lifestyle than by wearing paleo clothing?

Any feedback you have – styles of clothing, preferred material, will all be very helpful!