Here are a few things you might have wanted to know about the Paleo Weekend.  If you've got any questions not answered here, please leave a comment or send an email to find out the answer!

What is Paleo?

Paleo is a lifestyle based on evolutionary health.  The lifestyle consists of nutrition (grains, legumes and sometimes dairy are omitted in favour of real, whole foods such as grass-fed meat, vegetables, eggs, fruit and nuts), fitness (with smart exercise favoured over chronic cardio) and other lifestyle factors such as sunshine, sleep and leading a simple, stress-reduced life are encouraged!  You can find out more about Paleo here.

I'm completely new to this and don't follow a Paleo diet/ am not fit, can I attend?

Absolutely!  This weekend will equip you with the knowledge and skills to start leading a healthy lifestyle and to get fit.  Classes will cater to all levels and group sizes will be limited to ensure everybody benefits, no matter what experience and ability.

I've been Paleo for many years and am very fit, should I attend?

Definitely!  You'll be in a group with people at a similar level and you'll be able to hone in your skills and learn more from the experts.

Can I book a camping ticket if I’m coming alone?

Yes!  As the tents are strictly limited in numbers, you’ll be assigned to a tent with a member of the same sex.  If you’re coming with a friend/ partner, please advise and we’ll ensure you’re in the same tent.

What do I need to bring if I’m camping?

If you’re “glamping” in the VIP package, you just need a torch!

For our Gold campers, you’ll need a torch, pillow, towel and your sleeping bag

For our Silver campers, you’ll need to bring your tent, a torch, all of your own bedding and a towel.

If you’re a light sleeper and the sound of birds or boats is likely to distract you, you might like to bring ear plugs!

What are the bathroom facilities like?

There is a large shower block, with clean, large, individual showers and wash facilities.  There are also lots of toilet blocks located around the camp site.

Will there be other campers on the island?

The Paleo weekend has the exclusive rights to the campsite for the whole weekend!

Can I swim?

There is a swimming area in the slipway which you can use whilst you're staying on the island.

How do I get to the island?

The event takes place on beautiful Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour.  The Island can be reached by public ferry from the Circular Quay and King Street wharfs.  The journey time is approximately 8 to 20 minutes.  Timetables are available on and ferry tickets can be purchased at the wharfs (or you can use your regular weekly travel card, if applicable).  Ensure you check the timetable immediately prior to the event, as times may change due to tides and other factors.  Alternatively you can arrange a water taxi to transport you to the island.

What time can I check in/ out as a camper?

Campers can arrive anytime from 2pm on Friday 11th May and must check out after breakfast on Sunday 13th May.  However, please note that the Barbecue will be at approx 8pm, if you wish to participate (Silver, Gold and VIP ticket holders only). 

An area will be provided for your belongings, until the end of the course. 

What time does the course start?

Registration is at 8am on the Saturday morning for campers and non-campers.  On Sunday classes start at 8:30am and will wrap up by 4pm to give everyone time to leave the Island and get ready to start their week as a new person!

What if it rains?

We have got multiple indoor and covered venues on the island.  Tents for the Gold & VIP campers are already put up – so rain won't impact the event.

What if I don’t want to camp both nights?

Due to the limited number of tents, there is no option to book just one night.  However, if you wish to book the camping option and stay just the Saturday night, please advise us and we will ensure you are able to check in on the Saturday morning.

What will the food be like?

We will serve you 3 copious meals if you are coming to the event only (lunch both days and Saturday dinner), and 6 if you are camping (Friday evening barbecue, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday and breakfast and lunch Sunday).

Meals will follow Paleo diet principles, meaning they are made entirely of fresh natural products like vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs,  meat, fish or seafood.  This diet excludes grains, dairy, sugar, salt and any processed food or alcohol.  It is the type of food that best fits our evolutionary metabolism and will make you feel re-energised and also help you to become substantially leaner.

We require that you not bring snacks with you (especially those items containing sugar, flour, grains, legumes or processed foods). 

No customized meals will be made.  If vegetarian/vegan you will simply not be served the prepared animal products.  If you have any known severe or life-threatening food allergies, please let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

Will My Phone and Laptop Work?

There is mobile phone reception on the island.  However, we see this event as a great opportunity for you to disconnect from both the phone and the internet and to help create an environment for others to do the same. Please do not bring laptops, and only turn on phones only when urgent.  For the same reasons, we also request that you do not bring Mp3 players.