Coconut Aminos is a substitute to Soy Sauce. If you're following a Paleo or Primal Diet or just don't eat Soy, Coconut Aminos is a great recipe substitution. Don't be fooled by the word “coconut” in the name; whilst it comes from the sap of the Coconut Tree, it doesn't taste remotely of Coconuts and is definitely worth trying out in your cooking.

Where To Get Coconut Aminos?

Whilst you won’t find Coconut Aminos in your local grocery store or Supermarket, there are lots of places to get it from. Local Health Food shops often stock it, or can order it in, but I prefer to buy mine online and have it delivered.

I buy Coconut Aminos from Iherb ; get $5 discount on your first order using this link. I've found Iherb to be cheaper than buying it locally.

Buy Coconut Aminos Soy

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