Recipe: Foaming Zucchini

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Don’t you just love a two ingredient recipe?! This is a great side dish if you have an abundance of zucchini, as I did. Next time you see it on special offer – buy it all! This dish is guaranteed to be a big talking point!

Paleo diet recipe foaming zucchini courgette

This is a great side dish and a really good way to get more veggies into your diet, without them being repetitive and a chore to eat. If you’re going to eat more vegetables, you might as well enjoy them!

Foaming Zucchini Ingredients:

  • 3 zucchinis (courgettes)
  • 70g (3 oz) butter*

Yep, it really is just a two ingredient recipe!

Foaming Zucchini How To:

1) Coarsely grate the zucchinis, discarding the ends

2) Melt the butter slowly in a pan, then add the zucchini and put the lid on the pan.

3) Shake the pan often to move the zucchini and prevent it from sticking

After a couple of minutes, you’ll have steaming zucchini and beautiful zucchini foam.

Serve immediately

*I used butter for this, but if you don’t use dairy replace with olive oil, or for a taste sensation, try bacon grease.

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What would you buy if you were given $2000 to spend on your paleo lifestyle?

Purely hypothetical, but let’s say you were given $2000 to spend on Amazon. On yourself. You’ve got half an hour to choose, before the offer expires. All those gadgets and books you’d love, but could never justify.

Paleo diet $2000 wishlist

Instead of buying the entry model food processor, you could get the top of the range model. Instead of buying one good knife, you could buy the whole set.

What’s on my list?

Cooking Equipment:

A Vitamix Blender

So I’ve got a big standard food processor, but wouldn’t you just love your very own vitamix blender?

Paleo wishlist vitamix blender

An Ice Cream Maker

I’d use this once in a blue moon, so I’d never be so extravagant as to buy one. But imagine the paleo ice cream you could make in one of these?

Global Knives

I’ve heard good things about these knives, so I’d make sure I invested in a good set. I’m sure they’d last a lot longer than the cheap knives I have in my kitchen!

Global-Knives paleo wishlist

Slow Cooker/ CrockPot

When I bought mine, I didn’t give any thought to the size – and I’ve always been so disappointed with how small mine is. If I’m going to use it, why not make enough for the freezer, instead of just that night’s dinner?! So high on my list would be a much bigger model.


Pull Up Bars

I really want to be able to master pull ups. If I had a pull up bar attached to my ceiling, I like to think I’d practice every time I walked by!

Pull up bar paleo wishlist


Likewise I’d love my own set of kettlebells


Grounding Mat

Now this might sound a little odd, but I’d also buy a grounding mat/ earthing sheet to make sure I always had a connection to the earth, even inside my house. Got to be a good thing for days when you’re stuck indoors

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

This might seem a little odd too, but I’m trying hared to reduce my exposure to blue light after sunset. This should really help to regulate circadium rhythm and improve sleep. As much as I try, it’s so hard to minimise all blue light – especially living in a built up area. Special orange lenses glasses like this could make a big difference.

Blue light blocking glasses


There are so many paleo related books on the market at the moment (compared to only two or three a few years ago!), so I’d definitely order a few I’ve not yet read.

You can see the rest of my wishlist here

I’d love to see what you’d buy if you were given a $2000 Amazon voucher. So tell me in the comments – what would you buy?!

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