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What Has Fukushima Got To Do With You?

I'm sure you’re aware of the Fukushima disaster that hit Japan in 2011 – but you might be wondering what it has to do with you? Following a big earthquake, a tsunami followed, which destroyed the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant. This result in almost unimaginable levels of radiation. Whilst a clean up operation is […]

What’s Wrong With Potatoes?

Do you have potato-blood? I hope not because that would mean that you are terribly ill. It’s an old expression, apparently. But I digress; are potatoes really that unhealthy to eat? And do they fit in with a paleo diet? If you read a lot of Paleo blogs, I'm sure you’ll have noticed that opinions […]

Do you Get Enough Cobalt?

Cobalt forms part of the structure of vitamin B12, which makes it an essential dietary mineral. In its inorganic form, cobalt is also an active nutrient for bacteria, algae and fungi, which means that it can help to maintain the balance of the natural bacteria within your body, as well as all of the other […]

Fertilise Yourself – The Natural Fertility Guide

I was so inspired when I met Natalie Kringoudis at the Low Carb Down Under seminar series a few months ago. Natalie is a fertility guru, and Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist. She spoke at the Melbourne seminar about Fertility, and how so many couples who appear to be infertile, are able to conceive, […]

The Primal Meal Plan

What is a typical day of paleo meals for you? Have you got stuck in a meal plan rut? Once you get a few favourite recipes under your belt, it’s easy to have the same meal over and over, which can get very boring. Eating repetitively is also depriving your body of nutrients that can […]

The Paleo Lunch Recipe Book

My Paleo Lunch Recipe Book is now on sale! With a typical SAD lunch revolving around sandwiches and pasta, a Paleo lunch requires a bit more thought – and is far more rewarding than a refined-carb-heavy sandwich! I know what it's like to be busy and in need of good Paleo lunch options. I've put […]