The Paleo Summit

I’ve been really enjoying the Paleo Summit this week!  There’s still a couple of days left of this free online event, and some great speakers to come – I’m especially looking forward to hearing Dallas & Melissa from Whole9 talking about Paleo for Vegetarians – and Dr. Catherine Shanahan comparing the Paleo diet to prescription drugs!

My favourite presentations so far have been Denice Minger, Nora Gedgaudas and Mark Sisson – but unfortunately I’ve been really busy this week and haven’t had a chance to catch them all in time.  I’m especially annoyed I missed Dr. Jack Kruse as I’ve been really interested in reading his ideas on Leptin, so had high expectations for his talk.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, there’s still time to register and catch the last few days.  It’s free to register and the videos stay online for 24 hours.

If like me you’ve had a busy week and have missed some or all of the summit, you can upgrade and download audio files, transcripts and videos which you can enjoy at your leisure.  I plan to listen to the 23 audio files on my way to work, that should provide several weeks of great listening!

Have you been listening?  Which have been your favourite presentations of the Paleo Summit so far?

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    • Suz says

      There’s still time to catch the last few days Rob! I guess the final presentation will be online for free until the 5th March US time/ 6th March Australia/ New Zealand time…

  1. says

    Mark Sission has been my favourite so far, he’s a great speaker and was the one who got me into paleo so I’m a bit of a fan girl!

    I’m really annoyed I missed day 4 because work was crazy, they looked like really interesting speakers and I wanted to hear Amy Kubal on eating paleo and being an endurance athlete.

    • Suz says

      Same here Emma, another big Mark Sisson fan! That’s the problem with them only being up for 24 hours, it’s really hard to catch them all!

      And why is it the day’s I’ve been especially busy have been the days of the presentations I was most looking forward to?! At least they have the option to buy the files I guess!

      • says

        Yeah, true!

        I’ve just listened to the first two from Day 5 and they were both fantastic – Denise Minger and Chris Kresser. Chris’s was great because it’s all about cholesterol, which is something that causes lots of disagreement!

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