1. goo goo dolls fan says

    Awesome! I would switch the last two pictures though. Natural bacon is so expensive! I rarely eat it =P

  2. Lorraine says

    Good Morning
    I have recently been diagnosed with an immune disorder , Reticular Lichen Planus, not much is known about it and no cure as far as Specialists I have had the pleasure of visiting.
    My Naturopathic docotor immediately changed my diet to allow my immune system a chance to reboot or balance itself.
    I removed all foods difficult for the body to digest including many that cause inflammation etc… and it turns out I am left with a diest very similar to the Paleo lists. LOL
    Truth be known I feel much better, lost some weight and water( my body was retaining!)
    and have kept the reticular Lichen Planus from spreading or getting worse.
    I found your website from a recipe on Pinterest quite by accident but it is now one of my favourites.
    Thank you

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