Your Definitive Guide to Primal Living!

G'day there folks! No doubt it can be a little daunting when starting out on your Primal journey in a sea of conflicting information from the hundreds of Paleo blogs and books; it's enough to drive us all a little bonkers, leaving us somewhat confused. Well, this event has been designed to de-mystify Paleo/Primal/Ancestral living, eating and training, and cover all the essentials you need to know in order to get you started. Maybe you're dabbling with Paleo, Primal, or Ancestral eating, but find it challenging to think of what to eat every day. Or you're completely new to the concept, and would like to learn more about it and how it might help you reach your health, fitness, and fat loss goals. Perhaps you're not entirely sure where to begin with your Primal exercise-regimen. What does it even mean to workout Primal-style? “Going Paleo” (Primal or Ancestral) can be overwhelming, especially if you have spent years relying on processed foods and thinking that the good old treadmill can out-exercise bad eating-habits. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part; I want to help you on your way.

For those who don't know me, my name's Charby, and I'm a Nutritional Health Coach and Personal Trainer over at The Ancestral Body. I also co-host one of Australia's fastest growing health and wellness podcasts, The Primal Shift. I went ‘Primal' over 3 years ago, lost 26kgs of fat, got fit and am now using my own life skills and experience to teach others how to eat clean and train mean, Primal-style. I'll be covering a range of topics on the night, including:

* What is Paleo/Primal, and why we should do it?

* What to eat, what to avoid, and why?

* Why you might not be losing fat on a Primal Lifestyle

* Dropping dietary dogma – and still enjoy the foods that you've always loved

* Focusing on foods that support your goals

* Simple Paleo meal ideas

* A 30-Day Paleo/Primal Challenge

* Primal Movement and Fitness


ANYONE who wants to know more about Primal/Paleo living will benefit from this event. We even recommend that partners or friends come along to show their support (and pick up a few good tips along the way). Bonuses for attendees:

1- I will email you a handy comprehensive guide (PDF document) prior to the event that you can use as a reference booklet, as well as a comprehensive list of resources that I recommend and use myself – this will help you get the ball rolling. 

2- I will also send you my e-book, ‘Move Well, The Ancestral Body Way. No Equipment. No Fuss' – FREE! ($21 value). 

3- Everybody who attends the event will receive $100 OFF The Ancestral Body's coaching program.

Event Cost: $34 per person. 

*When: Tuesday the 29th of April. 6:30pm arrival and mingle (7pm start – 9pm finish).

*Where: Longplay – 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy, 3068. Please head to the small cinema at the rear of the venue. *Drinks at bar-prices.

*Street parking is available.

*Please RSVP on this event page – you will be required to make payment in order to secure your spot. I am unable to accept refunds for this event, but tickets ARE transferable. Spots are limited – so please book ASAP.

Any questions? Please flick me an email –

I'm very much looking forward to seeing you all on the night. Charby Ibrahim 0481395079

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