Workout in the park: the most pure paleo workout of all…. running!

What is purer paleo than what we have been evolved/designed to do since the dawn of time? Running! (seriously, out all species we are one of the most superbly tuned for endurance)

As I've got a wealth of knowledge in this area I decided to host a workout (in my youth I was a multiple Auckland athletics champion, was coached under Arthur Lydiard who I highly recommend you read his books and here is a short PDF on this:, done Athletics NZ training for coaching middle distance, and I've been a children's athletics coach as a paid summer job).

However as I know not all of you are as keen as I am to go on multi hour long jogs…. (you should be, they're essential training!!) I have designed just for this a more “Crossfit like” workout (lasting about 30 minutes, including rests & demonstrations within the workout) involving running drills, hill work, and such. All taken from what more elite/serious runners incorporate in their usual training.

As a one off we're moving just for this week around the corner to Mt Eden Domain, as we'll need a bit more space for some sprint workouts and will require a few hills too!

The Standard Blurb for each week: “Another free group workout in the park. The workouts are intended to be short 15 – 30 mins and crossfit like in terms of wods, but done mainly with body weight and playground stuff.”

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