Wild edibles training and foraging around Clark’s Creek Park

We'd like to invite you down to Puyallup for a 2+ hour guided walk/talk/explore in Clarks Creek Park. We'll explore and learn from the founder of Wolf College, a “conservation teaching college” specializing in “earth skills education” which draws from the traditions of natural science, outdoor adventure, wilderness survival, sustainable living, traditional technologies, herbal medicine and wildlife tracking.

We'll meet at the Clark's Creek south shelter, and walk around to exit at the fish hatchery where we'll leave a van to take folks over to the Silver Creek restoration area before bringing them back to their vehicles.

Folks should bring paper/pencil/collecting baskets or paper bags / scissors / and rain / cold / sun gear (depending on weather) and be prepared to learn and have some fun.

If you'd like to know more about what we'll be covering… feel free to check out the Wolf College web site. http://www.wolfcollege.com/top-10-most-important-wild-edible-food-plants/

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