Whole Foods Market Tour

MovNat is about more than just movement!  The way we get our nutrition is another major component.  Come join us as I lead a tour of Whole Foods Market, one of the few go to places in the city where you can get clean and healthy food.  They've got a lot of good stuff at Whole Foods and we are lucky to have so many of them nearby, but not everything there is healthy for you, and a lot of it is definitely not conducive to the lifestyle we strive for in this group.  We'll find out exactly what is really good for you there, and what to stay far away from.  See which healthy fats you should consume with gusto, and which deadly ones you should avoid like the plague!  Also, we will learn about some of the hidden ingredients in a lot of common foods that are NOT listed on the label, and what you need to do to eat clean and send the right messages to your genes to create the body you want and the health you deserve.

Rob Mathews



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