Who want to buy a quarter of GRASS FED beef for $3/lb!?!?

I just bought a quarter weight of beef from my farmer hook up in WI. He had a customer that backed out last minute so has (1) quarter of grass fed beef at his home is Schaumburg ready for pickup. It's just shy of 200lbs all butchered and wrapped in butcher block (frozen and labeled). It is the same cow I have and let me tell you it is DELICIOUS! This guy is legit and doesn't even charge tax. You wont have to pay shipping either…you just have to call him up and go to his home in Schaumburg and pick it up at a time he's home. The cow was butchered on 11/11/12 so it's very fresh. If anyone is interested (or if you wanna group up and meat share) you can comment away and coordinate. First come first serve, people. BTW – Beef makes a great gift!!

If you wanna do your research: His name is Don Andrews and he owns and operates Port Andrews Stock Farm up in WI where he exclusively raises grass fed beef, bison, and pigs. Contact#[masked]

Just spreadin' the love….

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