What an Entrepreneur Can Learn From a Farmer (talk and potluck)

When that farmer happens to be Joel Salatin of Polyface farms you learn profound things. I've listened to many wonderful podcasts of Joel and always came away feeling wiser and inspired. Joel's awareness of the power of bio-mimicry and what he calls the marvelous pigness of pigs, his appreciation of Nature and the land are so inspiring. And he puts his learning into action.

I especially like his awareness of this: “The land will respond, flourish and provide abundantly when loved and caressed, but will withdraw when wrestled and raped.” Same with humans. When we love ourselves with the insights from Paleo lifestyle we flourish.

Our own Keith Norris, co-founder of Paleo(fx) got to visit Polyface farm and speak at a recent event. Find out more here:


Let's meet at 11 for a delicious potluck followed by the talk at noon where Keith will share his experiences and insights from the weekend.

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