Weekend of Traditional Cooking Classes Nov 18-20, 2011

MONICA CORRADO, traditional food chef and Certified Nutrition Counselor, and member of the Honorary Board of the  <a target=”_blank”>Weston A. Price Foundation</a>, is coming to the Boston area November 18-20.   

Monica will be teaching traditional cooking classes based on Nourishing Traditions and WAPF principles the weekend of November 18-20, 2011 at  <a target=”_blank”>Groton Wellness</a>. 

You must REGISTER and for more information, including the class schedule: <a target=”_blank”>http://www.cookingforwell-being.com/Conference.html</a>;


**The first 10 registrants for the whole weekend will receive a complimentary copy of Monica's first book, With Love from Grandmother's Kitchen, due out 11/11/11!** 

Dubbed the “Lacto-fermentation Queen”, Monica was featured on the front page of the  <a target=”_blank”>Washington Post Food Section</a> for “Fermentation: A Wild Way to Make Food Come to Life” and numerous other articles. Monica’s organic catering company, The Basic Feast, catered some of the first Wise Traditions conferences.  A guest speaker at Wise Traditions 2010, she taught  <a target=”_blank”>Pulling It All Together: Fitting Nourishing, Traditional Food into Your Busy Life</a> and will teach again in Dallas this year. Monica travels the country taking the mystery out of traditional cooking techniques and packing real food info into informative and fun cooking classes.  

The weekend kicks off with a talk on REAL food Friday night – November 18. Monica will teach 2 cooking classes on both Saturday and Sunday – November 19 and 20.  

TESTIMONIALS: “Your workshop last Monday (Wise Traditions 2010) was very helpful, informative and well organized not to mention very enjoyable. You are the real deal. About 5 years ago my family and I embraced the WAP diet. As a physician and homeopath I can get a little overwhelmed keeping up with all the ferments, crispy nuts not to mention condiments, not to mention teaching it to my patients. I was grateful for your clarity and honesty in class. I am excited to share your wisdom and organization techniques.” Linda Robbins, MD

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