Voice & Exit

Have you thought about living in a community where all the members are into Paleo? Sounds pretty cool right.

APLG's Seth Blaustein is working on a campaign that has some big ideas regarding social entrepreneurship and radical community formation. This is Voice & Exit.

So what is social entrepreneurship and radical community formation?

Social entrepreneurship is about finding innovative ways of solving social problems. Want to end hunger in your community? Become an environmental steward? Build a wired library for a poor neighborhood? Social entrepreneurs co-create solutions in the voluntary sector. Instead of agitating for political elites to “do something,” social entrepreneurs roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Radical community is about people creating new social operating systems to live and work in. Radical communities will depend on the community members coming up with agreed-upon rules and new forms of lifestyle design. They will be hubs of human flourishing based on common values, and they’ll compete for members. Want to live in a community that values technological advancements to improve health, intelligence and life experience? How about living on a “seastead” full of international entrepreneurs off the coast of San Francisco? Want to live in a communal city of tree-houses where children are taught to farm and meditation is a common practice?

A new stage of social evolution is upon us. Innovative social technologies will push us away from coercive institutions, toward more collaborative communities. We want to shine a spotlight on a handful of visionaries leading the way. Join us for an evening of captivating talks from some of the most illustrious thinkers in social entrepreneurship and radical community.

Voice & Exit is an event in Austin, TX to be held on Saturday, March 9th, 2013—in parallel with the SXSW interactive conference. Fourteen fascinating movers and shakers will take the stage to present thirteen 15-minute talks about innovations in social entrepreneurship and experimental community. Each talk will be filmed for high-quality web distribution following the event.

For more info and videos please check out their website:

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