Visit the Winters-Wall Ranch in Brady, TX

The Winters-Wall Ranch in Brady, TX is the home of Winters Family Beef. You may know them from their stand at the Saturday Cedar Park Farmers Market at Lakeline Mall (if not, go find them there!). Over the past few months, I've gotten to know the exceptional couple behind the stand and can tell you that George and Amy are as friendly as their beef is tasty.

They are blazing new trails by raising traditional style beef on pasture and selling direct to customers. It's a tough business to be in at the moment, but if we're serious about food ethics and sustainability, then their cause is as good as our cause. I am sure they will really appreciate our support.

I've been meaning to visit them for a while now to learn more about their operations and daily life on the ranch, but haven't been able to pin down a date… until now.

So, because we will be getting a tour of their ranch and vehicle space is limited, this meetup is limited to 10 people.

Also, since Brady is 2 hours away, it makes a lot of sense to carpool. My car can only fit 3 others, so at least one other person has to drive if we get more than 4 RSVPs.

10:30 is when we'll meet up in order to carpool. We'll get there around 12:30 or so.

This meetup is still a while away, so I will update with more details as we get closer.

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