VIP Invitation – Try the ‘Fit Inn’ menu – FREE!

Thanks for honouring your RSVP! 🙂

“We would love to invite you to an exclusive event pre-opening. We will be trailing our menu, which includes a huge range of Paleo, Raw Vegan and Grain Free options. We will have mains and desserts to try ‘on the house' but drinks including organic coffee, our ‘shotgun' butter enriched coffee, organic smoothies, protein shakes and slow juices will be at ‘Mates rates'. Come in and meet our chef Lara who is 80/20 Paleo, our owner Nic who is aspiring to be a coffee-consuming yogi and the rest of our vibrant staff. Fit Inn is a healthy food eatery opening in North Fitzroy supplying great tasting and nutritious food supporting people towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Our vision is to amaze people with the incredible colours, smells, flavours and sustenance of clean and healthy food that we hope will blow your mind. Our concept will allow you to eat our delicious meals in house, at home, at work or on the go. The Fit Inn experience allows you to build their your meal and put it together when you are ready to eat ensuring that it is fresh, alive and vibrant. We will have a lot of Paleo meals, also Raw Vegan and the place will be refined sugar and almost entirely grain free.”

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