Urban agriculture (Earth Mudder Weekend)

This is event # 50 for Paleo Toronto-GTA!!!

There is a ‘two day' event 9am – 4pm the weekend of April 20th which may interest you. It will be held at the Evergreen Brick Works.

 Evergreen Brick Works | Earth Mudder Weekendebw.evergreen.ca/whats-on/special-events/earth-mudder-weekend‎ , Saturday, April 19–Sunday, April 20, 2014. Are you an Earth Mudder? Join us for a full weekend of family-friendly fun to celebrate the Earth and all her glory.

[ps I had contacted Transitions Toronto, Mary Drummond and another lady from the Durham region to speak on the subject matter. Spring is quite a busy season for everyone in this field.  

I had also spoken to Ken Brown of www.Gardening-Enjoyed.com or www.DallyingInTheDirt.com. who was very open to speaking to our group. Unfortunately there are too few people signed up for this meetup event. So the event with a selected speaker is cancelled.]

Hope to see you at the Evergreen Brick Works. Maybe we could get together and have a coffee at the Café Belong.


Toronto is a prime example of leading innovative urban agriculture programs that contribute to food access as well as community and city building. There is so much going on in the urban agriculture program that it will just blow your mind.

 However, as in many other urban centers, policy has lagged behind practice. And the practical work of urban growers is hindered by a lack of infrastructure and finance. So where do you start?

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