Tour beekeeper, Joy Stinger’s, Home and Garden

Joy Stinger is a delightfully eccentric beekeeper (eccentric only in that you don't meet ladies like her anymore!).

I met the bright and energetic 70-something-year-old selling her honey and beeswax artwork at the Kirkwood Farmers Market. She told me a little about her operation and showed me pictures of her gardens at her home. Her backyard is replete with abundant flora, chickens, a fish pond and, of course, beehives. I was enchanted by both her and her pictures. When I asked if we could visit she agreed (for a nominal fee)

Here is a write-up in Feast Magazine that features Joy.

She did ask that I limit the party to 12 people but that if there were children a few more would be ok. I am predicting some children participating so I will up the limit to 15.

The price per person will depend on the number who actually attend. I figure we can just split the cost ($35) equally among ourselves.

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