Thr1ve lunch and Meet Dan Churchill

Dan Churchill – The Healthy Cook
From the family kitchen – via Masterchef – to advocate for healthy cooking Recent Masterchef contestant Dan Churchill has a passion for health and fitness. He will launch his second cookbook, ‘The Healthy Cook’, at a public book signing event at the Thr1ve Superfood Café in Brisbane at Post Office Square from 12noon – 2pm Thursday, 27 November. Published by Simon & Schuster, ‘The Healthy Cook’ is about preparing healthy food that tastes great. At only 12, Dan joined the family weekly dinner cooking roster. He said, “The idea for the roster came from my Dad. As we always got together to watch the Jamie Oliver show he thought we could all takes turns with cooking dinner. It started from there. ” Dan says he self-published his first cookbook Dudefood Volume 1 (the first of a series) as a result of requests for recipes from mates. “They decided I wasn’t too bad in the kitchen and asked for my recipes so they could impress others. Dudefood is now sold in Australia and New Zealand.”
Dan now spends time in the US where he is filming his first TV series and is a regular on high profile TV cooking shows. He has Bachelor and Masters degrees in exercise science and whether he’s cooking for family, mates or the NSW Waratahs Super rugby side – he believes eating should make you happy!

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