The Yoga of Natural Movement on Governor’s Island

Let's head to Governor's Island once again to play on the pop-up Playscape!! 

If you haven't seen it yet, the Popup playscape is like a jungle gym for adults and kids alike with multiple levels and textures and monkey bars, etc. that is intended for multipurpose use from parkour, yoga, Natural Movement, play, or just relaxing on! 

Here's my thoughts about what I'd like to explore: 
Natural movement helps us reclaim our freedom and ability to play through our environment. Yoga as a system of both exercise and philosophy helps us to both find our full range of motion in our particular body and know ourselves on a deeper level. You may say that natural movement helps us navigate the external world and yoga helps us navigate the internal world. In this workshop, we will explore the union of both systems: How the poses, breathing, and techniques of yoga help with natural movement and vice versa

What to expect: 

-We’ll explore yogic breathing and body awareness
-We’ll play with yoga poses and how they transform into natural movement through locomotion
-We’ll discover how to apply these movements on the varied terrain of the interactive playscape! 

the ferry is super quick in getting to the island. 
Here's a link to the ferry schedule:

Also, if you have any trouble finding the space you can message me on the meet up site. 

Here's some more info about the space as provided by The Movement Creative: 

POPUP PUBLIC will be located in Nolan Park on Governors Island in NYC, just south of the Manhattan Ferry.  The design is composed of two major spaces–the Jungle Gym and the Playscape Path.  Consideration is given to entry points to Spontaneous Interventions and the location of the Little Free Library (see below).

The Jungle Gym

The bar jungle gym will inhabit the cozy space between the houses.  Over the course of the summer, this will change shape, varying between more geometric forms to more organic ones.  These bars also fit into the larger bar system holding the sunshades down popup path. Designed for children AND Adults!

The Playscape Path

Playscape path creates a series of smaller social spaces established by large timbers and material threshold changes between path and grass.  These spaces are further defined with sunshades and hammocks.  Each area is unique, providing different opportunities to move, explore, and play.


Throughout the site we hope to install sunshades, to cast shadows on the bars and keep them cool  for use in the mid-day, high-heat summers.  They also will provide much needed shading for the social spaces along playscape path for visitors who choose to lounge or relax in the space.

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