The Natural Method Workshop

Join us as this is the first time this material as ever been shared in a workshop, led by Philippe Til. Philippe, a French expat now residing in California, has translated the famous work of George Hébert has been implementing the exercises with great results. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of the Natural Method, from the layout of a model training session, to the Basic Educational Exercises, as well as an introduction to “Utilitarian” exercises, more commonly known as Functional Exercises. 

Participants will learn how to select the proper exercises for the tasks at hand, become student-teachers and get reacquainted with movement fundamentals. 

This is a method geared at developing all-around athleticism, with the intent on being fit for the self, the community as well as ultimately the needs of the country.

A little history about Georges Hébert: frequently referred to as the forefather of Parkour, he systemized this training method to develop well-rounded athleticism in all individuals in the early 1900’s in France. After having tested his system on over 20,000 individuals, he created a practical guide to physical education, which he called The Natural Method, later adopted and implemented in schools as well as the military. The system was so efficient it crosses borders and found influences in many other countries.

We want to make this an accessible event for any age group. Children price is 50% of the workshop fee, but they need to come with adult supervision with a ratio of 2:1 (2 kids to 1 legally responsible adult).

The workshop costs[masked] for 8 hours of instruction and participation. But you will leave with priceless information on how to take your training to the next level. 

The instructor is flying in from Southern California so please sign up soon to reserve your spot. 

Contact Daniel Spencer for more information.


Send the admission fees via Paypal to [masked]

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