The ethics of grass-fed meats

This event is for Karma coop members, but my understanding is ( what Andrea has told me) that they will accommodate everyone who attends this Saturday.

 If you would like a similar meetup organized with our Paleo Toronto-GTA Paleo Life group members, please let it be known.


Saturday, October 5, 20131:30pm until 2:45pm Karma Coop Food Store, 739 Palmerston Avenue, Toronto


This talk will explore some of the health, environmental, social and economic issues related to traditionally raised grass-fed meats as well as introduce Karma members to recipes, techniques and cooking tips best-suited for these leaner protein choices.  Samples and tastings of grass-fed, cured meats and dishes will be on hand following the presentation.

Discussions may highlight the importance of sustainability of “farm in balance” practices vs. industrial scale farming,  the likelihood of GMO contamination of grains today, human and animal health, and the many benefits of cycling local dollars for rural economies and urban communities such as Karma.

*[On hand, following the talk and tastings, will be a selection of frozen grass-fed elk and bison for purchase.]*

For a similar event by our group in the near future, please show your interest by leaving a comment.

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