Sunken Meadow State Park!

Let's get out of town for an adventure! Sunken Meadow State Park, on the north shore of Long Island, has an array of landscapes: rolling forests, brackish marshes, gorgeous beaches, and glacier-formed bluffs. There is also a wide selection of wildlife (no eating them!) including snapping turtles, foxes and herons. It will be a fantastic opportunity to practice the full range of MovNat skills, including swimming and diving. Pack a swimsuit and goggles.

Details: we could take the Long Island Railroad to Kings Park. It will leave from Penn Station at 8:45 am, and cost $25.50 round trip. Depending on the number of people coming, we could organize a few cars (which will be cheaper and faster). Either way, we will meet at 8:30 am. The deadline to RSVP will be next Wednesday.

Pack as you would for a hike. Backpack, lunch, etc.

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