Sunday Movement

These will be similar to other primal WODS: featuring teamwork, competitions, and games. Some of these workouts will tend to differ slightly from the usual, in that there will be more aerobic activity (running) involved. Part of the purpose is to gear them towards preparation for mud-run-style races, which I imagine a lot of people in this group will be doing this year. So, a lot of the workouts will consist of intervals of medium-intensity aerobic work (running, jogging, walking) with higher-intensity anaerobic work (sprints, hills, burpees, lifting, etc.) mixed in between.

All fitness levels are welcome! The workouts involving running will not cover long distances, but short laps covering a smaller area. So no one is at risk of being left behind. Also, the exercises and workout duration can and will be modified to best fit the individual.

If you can, you are encouraged to bring workout equipment: yoga mats, hammers, heavy objects, etc. If you have something to offer, post below and I can try to incorporate it into the workout.

Time and location may eventually change, but for now Sunday at 2pm is what works best for me.

To find our group: Park in the parking lot off of Ballas Rd and proceed to picnic pavillion. If it's in use we shall meet nearby.

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