Stardust Market

Stock up on raw, grass-fed milk, crew, and cheese, organic produce, pasture-raised eggs, grass-fed ground beef, and maybe a few other goodies. Each Monday, Stardust Video and Coffee turns its parking lot over to a really cool farmers market, also referred to as Audubon Park Farmers Market. (Bring a cooler for things that need to stay cold.) After we've picked out our food items, we can get a bite to eat, either at Stardust itself, or a local restaurant. Sweet Tomatoes is not far away, and Jason’s and Chipotle are even closer. If you can't make it there by 6:00, stay in touch, and you can catch up with us, or at least join us for dinner. You can park on the side street to the north (Marble Avenue) or maybe at one of the shops on Corrine Drive, but do not park at ABC Liquors. Meet inside Stardust; we'll be at a table on the north end (farthest from where you place your order).

Questions? Call or text Mark at 407.256.4643.

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