Stand-Up Paddleboarding!

Do you like water? Do you like relaxation? Do you like fun? If you answered yes to these, you like to paddleboard. You might not know it, but trust us, you do. SUPATX hosts free paddleboarding every Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 9am. Our primal group will be attending on July 13th.

SUPATX makes it easy: Just show up, sign a waver, get a quick 2 minute lesson on how to paddleboard, grab a board, hit the water. The event is held at the Texas Rowing Center, on Lady Bird Lake. Parking is free along the street in front of the place. This event is growing in popularity, so let’s meet 30 minutes before in front of the place. Chris Duncan is organizing this event, and will most likely be wearing an Atlanta Braves hat 😉

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