Springfield Butcher “Tour” and Lunch

Quite a few members purchased Groupons for Springfield Butcher but aren't sure where to start. We'll meet-up, discuss our favorite buys and then grab brunch or lunch nearby after we've gotten our meat. Open to suggestion on where to eat. Looks like there might be snow… so watch your e-mail to make sure we don't have to cancel last-minute! Also, they get pretty busy on weekends (like, take a number busy) so make sure you're on-time or else we'll be there for hours waiting on each other to finish. If you don't have a Groupon but are interested in joining us for a tour, here's their website: http://www.springfieldbutcher.com/. Their thrift packs and whole deers are very good deals all on their own. The location is very close to the Springfield Metro Station – please let us know if you need a ride and we'll do our best to try to find one for you!

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