Spiritual Health

A new event for those interested in how health and spirituality are connected.  The first two meetings are to determine the depth of interest.  The meeting will be held on the second Sunday of December (short notice!) and January (the 12th) and will continue into 2014 if you want.

Possible starting topics (you say what you want to discuss):

1.  The mind-brain-body connection.  How does the mind affect the body?  And how does the body affect the mind?  

2.  Personal integrity.  How can we create harmony between the many levels of self?  How can we balance self actualization and assertiveness with awe and self transcendence?  How does our receiving gifts affect our gift giving?  And vice versa.

3.  Psychological typing.  Can we become happier, more fulfilled and more effective by our understanding of psychological typing systems like the Myers-Briggs analysis, the Enneagram system and the Luscher Color test?

Steven Fowkes will be your starting host for these events.

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