Shoes are Not Paleo: Speaker Stephanie Welch and Paleo Potluck

Amit and I have known Stephanie and she brings new ideas to the Ancestral plate (no pun intended). We warmly welcome Stephanie to our home for a Potluck Paleo presentation and perhaps outside demo – weather permitting 🙂

In the past Paleo Potlucks have typically gone to waitlist so please sign up ASAP! Well-behaved guests (children, spouses, significant others, friends) are welcome. 😉  If this event doesn't have a minimum of 10 people it will be cancelled and rescheduled!

Stephanie will speak for about 30 minutes followed by Q and A, and then we'll finish a with a delicious potluck dinner!

Shoes are Not Paleo

Paleo communities are often centered around reevaluating what we eat, but an equally important component of our physical health is how we move. Similarly to how we evolved to most effectively meet our nutrient needs from certain types of food, we also evolved to move optimally (for long-term health) in very specific ways. Our lack of understanding of the role our feet play in this has contributed enormously to many modern physical health problems including poor posture, back and neck pain, knee and hip arthritis, foot problems, and myriad other physical health issues that are completely preventable (and often reversible) through better movement.

In this talk, you will learn:– How the physical degeneration we associate with aging is the result of conflicts among our survival strategies for 1) health, 2) conservation of energy, and 3) adaptability;– How we operate not from the ground up, but from the middle outward, through principles of biotensegrity and the sensory input from our extremities;– How the amount of brain real estate devoted to our feet and the quantity of sensory receptors in them provide clues about the level of detailed information our brain expects and our body requires to properly balance our survival strategies;– The implications this has for our current physical health problems and how we must work to resolve them in our modern environments.

Stephanie Welch earned two degrees in liberal arts before her growing interest in health and wellness (and the 2008 economic crash) led her to take up a career in massage therapy, where she continued studying nutrition, neuroscience, and biomechanics while getting a hands-on, in-depth look at thousands of real human case studies. She developed a big-picture theory of the human body called “proximal activation, distal calibration” which is the basis for her book in development, The Human Body User Manual, and which she will be presenting a poster on at this year's Ancestral Health Symposium.

Stephanie's websites/blogs


We have 2 raw Paleo kittens so if you are severely allergic to them I'm sorry but please remove yourself from the event because we cannot guarantee your health. 

We have many people with diverse dietary needs at potlucks – some people are gluten-free, casein-free, nightshade-free, tree-nut free, egg-free , etc. Ingredient Labels on food please! Our home is gluten-free and soy-free but NOT casein-free or tree nut-free. We do not consume peanuts but ingredients in some foods may be produced in the same factory as milk, fish, shellfish and/or peanuts. If you have a life-threatening or dangerous food allergy please do not participate in this event.

WE HAVE MOVED SO CHECK THE ADDRESS! Newton Highlands T-stop Green D line is about 1 mile way – the closest public transport. We recommend you carpool and/or find a ride to pick up/drop off at the T.

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