seminar: The Unresolved Thyroid

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Do you still suffer with thyroid related symptoms but your doctor tells you “your lab tests are normal?” Medication stopped working or you feel worse? Many people suffer with fatigue, constipation, feel cold all over (esp. hands and feet), have depression, losing hair, and have weight gain even on a low calorie diet due to poor thyroid function. The reason you are not getting the relief is due to outdated methods of care: including relying only on testing TSH, using too broad a range for “normal” and using thyroid hormone replacements as the only approach. Dr. Taggart will share information about the 7 main thyroid patterns, what testing needs to be done to determine which pattern you have and what corrective action must be taken for a full recovery. Dr. Micheal Taggart D.C at the Kirkland Health Institute focuses on correcting chronic health conditions that do not respond well to conventional medicine. He incorporates neurological (Brain Based Therapy), laboratory testing, nutritional evaluation and spinal care to restore optimum function. He is the author of the book “There is a Natural Solution For Your Thyroid Disorder”

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