Self-Care Working Group

Self-care technologies. Figuring out stuff for yourself. What you can learn before you resort to expensive medical testing. $20 per meeting. Practitioners, welcome. 

Each meeting is attendee driven. RSVP and set the agenda. Topics can include lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, diet, sleep, quantified-self technology, self-empowerment and any topic from any of my past Dialog Dinners hosted by Joni Sare, or blogs from <a>www.Project</a>

This month, we are going to set an advance topic. Carol found research linking microbiome changes to insulin resistance. And I'll add research connecting insulin resistance and herpes infections to Alzheimer's disease. So the question will be: how can we infer causal connection between test results, clinical findings and personal symptoms with a disease process or your personal health condition.

The third Sunday of the month.  Three hour window.  This is intended to be a working group, where progress over time is part of the process.

To ensure a safe environment, all participants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that binds them against discussing any other person's health issues and meeting comments.

There is no requirement for participation.  You can sit and listen for informational purposes only, if that is what you wish.

If you do not know me and would like a general introduction, watch “Nutrients for Better Mental Performance” on the Google TechTalk Channel on YouTube.  Or just type “Steve Fowkes” at the YouTube prompt and select something else.

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