Saturday trip to a farmers’ market

If on our last meetup we ventured West, this time we'll give the North a try. While yours truly has been researching CSAs over the last few weeks (I haven't picked one yet, happy to hear suggestions) I came across a Saturday morning farmers' market in Stoke Newington. While it may be a bit far, it is at least on a day more people can make it and at a time of day which doesn't require anyone gets up before sunrise. So without any further ado, go check out their website ( and meet us outside Dalston Kingsland overground station (just 2 stops away from Highbury & Islington) at 10:00 this Saturday morning. I will aim to have a sign of sorts to make our presence known. Afterwards we can go and have a refreshing drink, to celebrate our loot from the trip. Looking forward to seeing you there.

P.s. (just the boring housekeeping) please have £2 with you to contribute towards the LPG organiser dues we have to pay Meetup.

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