Roger’s T.V. Durham – ‘Know It All’ host talks Paleo with Cindi and Glenn

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Roger's T.V. Durham –  Know it All show airs on Friday, September 28th. at 3:00 on channel 63.

The show is about the benefits of the Paleo Diet and the Toronto-GTA Paleo Life group. Watch it if you can, if not record it or watch it from the Rogers archives.

Two DVD copies will be available next week. Lets have a video night!

On the interview with host Barbara Clifford:

” It was exciting. It was all new to both of us. She is open to future shows on the Paleo Diet and Celiac Disease or Diabetes. or a fitness episode. Several of the staff there have heard of Paleo. One director for Rogers has been Paleo for two years and may be joining the group. Barabra Clifford says she is open to coming to a meetup too. Barbara Clifford knew her stuff. For example she knew that the Paleo Diet vs the Mediterranian Diet study was a clear success for the Paleo Diet. The intro of the show was well presented. The questions covered quite a bit of ground for a one hour show. Can't wait to see it myself. LOL”


 “Had a great time; Barbara was so genuine and warm; great to talk to and easy to forget you were taping a show. So hard to squeeze so much stuff into an hour, though!”


Know It All – Durham Region – Rogers TV It’s your chance to Know It All and find out about…well…everything from fitness … to fashion; health to history and cooking to crafts. Join host Barbara Clifford each week as she sits down with local community producers from across Durham Region as they share their knowledge and savour faire about the…

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