Retreat to SoulLOVEfest

The paleo lifestyle is about more than just amazing food. There are many facets to a healthy life and at SoulLOVEfest you can reconnect with yourself and possibly tap into something new you've yet to connect with.

On Sunday, September 18th I will be teaching a class on How To Cook Your Next Meal and Eat Real Food on the Love Stage but throughout the weekend you will definitely find me taking advantage of all the yoga and meditation I can.

SoulLOVEfest is a two-day retreat that will bring thousands of yogis, BIG life seekers, and other like-minded souls to the farmland of Chicago’s western suburbs to experience soul LOVE’s 100+ workshops, masterclasses, outdoor activities and vendors.

SoulLOVEfest is about reconnecting with your mind, body, spirit and listening to your heart versus your head. The two day event will be full of experiences that meet each person at their growing edge. We all have a growing edge whether it be learning to move your body, be in your body, fuel your body, or becoming aware of long held beliefs around important subjects such as love, career, abundance and so many more. When you get in your body and get to that edge, you become open to what’s possible and can take action to live your most awesome and epic life. Imagine Your Day at soul LOVE

Move and connect with yoga and outdoor exercise classes for all levels. Learn about food and fueling your body with classes and one-on-one nutrition coaching.

Connect and quiet the mind with meditation and breathwork classes as well as powerful personal growth workshops.

Look inward and open to possibility with spiritual growth workshops. Dive deep with classes on topics such as cultivating intuition and working with angels & guides.

“More” is where the magic happens with inspirational speakers, bucket list and goal setting strategist as well as one-on-one life coaching.

soul LOVE village will be open all day and will include 100+ vendors and practitioners across all fields of mind, body, spirit… and adventure.

For more information about the event and to see the entire schedule go to Tickets will need to be purchased in advance. Use code: paleolove to take 20% off the price of your ticket.

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