Restorative Exercise!

Note: This is a promotion for an event that the community may be interested in, please do not RVSP for this event. See the image for details! 🙂


Restorative Exercise™ is the Paleo approach to human movement. Whereas the Paleo diet and lifestyle emerged from the application of evolutionary biology to the subject of human nutrition, the Restorative Exercise™ method applies the science of biomechanics to the subject of human movement. 

The Restorative Exercise™ approach provides a compelling theory of what natural or optimal human movement should be. Classes focus on series of exercises that work toward restoring the capacity for natural movement that each individual was born with, but that most of us have lost as a result of excess sitting, incorrect posture cues, and poor footwear, among other factors. 

The classes are gentle, so they are suitable for everyone, but they are also challenging because they target the areas of the body that we move least in the modern world. 

Austinites are very fortunate to welcome Debbie Beane to Austin for a limited series of four classes in April and May 2015. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the science of natural human movement and apply this important emerging field of knowledge to your own physical practice.


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