Real Food For Kids – Free event Morayfield

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Join me, Leah Williamson Founder of Brisbane Paleo Group as I guide you through tried and tested tactics in transitioning your family to real food.

About the show:
Real food is here to stay and it's not just for adults of course. We all want our kids to eat better too. With a little toddler and a school aged child Leah's tested and primed her littlies with plenty of recipes – and she's happily sharing some of the best ones!

In this 1-hr FREE workshop Leah prepares several kid tested and approved recipes that are tasty, fun and you guessed it, made with REAL food. She also tackles some great strategies for fussy eaters.

It's important they don't feel like they are missing out, so she shares what worked for her and her family.

Along the journey she fills you in on her personal discovery and WHY she’s so passionate about eating REAL food and the Paleo lifestyle.

RSVP's are essential to attend and limited to the first 35 who RSVP (due to limited space in the store).

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