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Many of us have benefitted greatly by adopting a Paleo diet and have alleviated many health ailments. However, sometimes it takes more than food to heal certain issues. Let's take our understanding of the Paleo diet one step further by figuring out how our hormones work in conjunction with our digestion, immunity, cell-building, etc. If any of you follow The Underground Wellness radio show/podcast hosted by Sean Croxton, you may be aware that he is on a kick lately with evaluating and manipulating hormonal function. Let's join him! He did an interview recently with Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure. This book was originally published last year in hardcover and re-released this year in paperback with some new material. I will leave it up to you which version you want to read. Please have the book read by the time we meet and prepare to speak about at least three lessons you learned from the material. Ideally, it would be nice to explore each chapter, if time permits. Let's ensure that our discussion pertains to THIS book and how it impacted us. Sharing personal anecdotes is great as long as it ties in with the material. 🙂 This is such an important topic that I think benefits all of us. Whether we agree or disagree where we stand on the matter, let's do our best to be respectful of each other's opinions and have a healthy and enriching discussion! 🙂

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