Ranch Tour of Bastrop Cattle Company + Tasting Samples

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We are so privileged to have the perfect grass-fed beef company right in our own backyard. You may have seen their beef for sale in Wheatsville, In.gredients, or even at local restaurants, but now we have the opportunity to see how their beef is raised on site at Bastrop Cattle Company. Owner and head rancher, Pati Jacobs will give us a tour of the facilities and the pastures. She’ll talk about how their practice of raising cattle is different from the herd. We’ll discuss why ranching this way is more sustainable for the environment and more healthy for the cow and the consumer. Pati will also tell us about her future plans, such as building an on-site processing facility and how that will reduce costs – helping the customer in the end.

Check out Bastrop Cattle Company’s website for recipes. My personal favorite is the Osso Bucco

Grass-Fed. What does it mean?
It’s almost the keystone to our paleo diet: Eat healthy animals to be healthy. The standard industrial practice is to fatten cattle up with grain for several months before harvest. By force feeding the cows grain stock, they become sick and develop metabolic problems leading to obesity. This allows the cow to be sold at a higher price because there is more “animal” by weight to be sold. Why is this so bad you might ask? What could be wrong about more beef? No pun intended but grain-fed beef is a completely different animal. Grain causes the omega-6 content in beef to rise significantly – causing alarm for those looking to reduce polyunsaturated fat consumption. Because grain-fed animals get sick often, they are given antibiotics preemptively.

Enter Bastrop Cattle Company’s pasture-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, locally processed beef. The pastures at BCC are chemical free, being fertilized only by a local composting mixture. This means the cows are eating a clean grass only diet, promoting healthy, happy cows. Healthy cows mean more nutritious beef. Grass-fed benefits include higher omega 3 content and more vitamins.

There will be a market onsite + BBQ samples.
After the tour, BCC will set up a market for us to purchase their quality beef. They will also be cooking some meat samples for us to try, this includes smoked brisket and calf liver pâté. This is a great time to stock up on some of the best beef you can find in Austin. Don’t forget organ meats either. Because of the clean environment and diet of BCC’s beef, their beef liver and other offal are going to be much cleaner than store bought/conventional. So bring your coolers and cash for the after-tour meat purchases.

What to bring?
-Drinking Water
-Boots (Resist the urge to go barefoot! We will be on a ranch and boots are necessary.)
-Cash and Cooler for meat purchasing

From Austin, head east on HWY 71. Exit for TX HWY 304 in Bastrop and head south (turn right).
At exactly 2 miles there will be a one lane dirt driveway on the right with the gate open.
Follow the driveway through the hay pasture and park near the house or barn.
Call if you get lost:[masked].

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