Puyallup Pot-Luck and Nettle Picking

It's that time of year again! it's time to come on down to Puyallup for the fourth annual nettle picking party.

We'd like to host a lunch potluck in conjunction with nettle (and other wild edible) foraging. I have some nettle recipes I can share, too.

The timeline would be:

10:00 – arrive at our house and get prepped to go picking.
10:15 – head out
12:00 – back to the house and do some nettle prep/cooking
1:00 – potluck time!

This way if someone wants to come for just the potluck, they can.

Nettles are nutritious and delicious, tasting something like a cross between spinach and kale. If you were at the meetup last spring, then you know what they're all about.

We'll hike into Clark's Creek Park in Puyallup to gather nettles and then come back to our house to learn how to prep and cook with them. We can break out the potluck food, then, too. The hike into the park is a true hike with hills and trails so come ready for that. It is probably just about 2 miles round trip. We'll be going out rain or shine.

Nettles do sting while you're picking them so you will want gloves and some small scissors. Kid's safety scissors work great. You will want long sleeves and long pants, too. A grocery bag works well to collect them.

To learn more about nettles, just do a quick web search. They are high in protein and minerals and are known for their health benefits.

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