PRIMALity (Primal Playout) Houston with Darryl Edwards the Fitness Explorer

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PRIMALity (Primal Playout) by Darryl Edwards

Darryl – The Fitness Explorer returns to the US from London, England to lead a series of workshops (or as he prefers to call them ‘playshops’) – with an introduction to primal movement and play called PRIMALity.

Darryl is the leading UK expert in Paleo Fitness and is regularly featured in the UK press, including Health & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and Women’s Fitness. In addition, he regularly hosts seminars and presents at Paleo f(x) and PrimalCon here in the US.

What is PRIMALity?

It stands for movement which is:

Playful, Restorative, Instinctive, Mindful, Adaptive, Life-giving, Integrative, Tactical and Youthful.

Regardless of your relationship with activity; whether you have a love affair with fitness and relish a new challenge or hate exercise but want to get passionate about movement again – you will gain practical movement skills that will assist you in performing every day, recreational and extraordinary physical tasks more effectively.


What to expect?

The ‘Playshop’ will:

Give you a basic understanding of Paleo fitness with primal play and its unique approach to improving your fitness, health, strength and well-being.
Introduce PRIMALity principles into your life and how to structure your workouts and playouts to suit your individual goals.
An introduction to the optimal diet for humans based on Paleo nutrition.
Show you how to integrate the crucial aspects of the ancestral lifestyle required to blend what's relevant from the past with the best of the present, including tips on motivation and longevity.

Is it for you?

The PRIMALity playshop is open to all, regardless of fitness level, age, gender or ability. Activities will be scaled and training adapted to suit the individuals taking part.

*Bonus – all participants will also receive a signed copy of Darryl’s book “Paleo Fitness” published by Ulysses Press.

Discussion Topics Include:

What is Fitness?
What Makes you Fit and Healthy?
Why Exercise Programs are Often Short-Lived
Functional vs Practical Training
The Key to Real Strength
Why Play is Hard Work!
Optimal Nutrition for Humans

Practical Participation Includes:

Animal Work & Play (Movement Drills & Variations)
Primal Running
Sprint Technique
Object Work & Play (How to be strong and useful)
Visualisation (Imaginative and Cooperative Play)
No Equipment Required (Bodyweight & Partner-Based)
Isometric & Isomotion Drills


“Darryl gives people something to enjoy when it comes to movement!”
Mark Sisson, author: The Primal Blueprint


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