Primal Movement workout followed by potluck

Join Phil Gephart in an introduction to essential Primal movements.

Phil Gephart is founder of Newport Fit4Life in Newport Beach, CA and now Gephart Strength in Austin, TX. This workout will be packed with exercises that will get you competent and strong through the 7 primal movement patterns all while testing your work capacity & endurance. Whether you are new to exercise or a long-time veteran of it, I can customize every workout so that you get the workout you want and deserve.

These will be great workouts – but you will also learn proper technique and form during your participation. You will be a better lifter after training here than when you started

Afterwards let's enjoy some good brunch food and conversation. Limited to 30 people

Also be sure to check out Phil's Meetup group for ongoing Primal Movement boot camps.

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